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realMYST (Real Myst 3D) - Mac OS X
Games > Mac
585.25 MiB (613678149 Bytes)

mac os8 os9 osx classic myst myst3d

2009-05-26 01:04:26 GMT


Info Hash:

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Real Myst 3D

Turn off the lights. Turn up your speakers. You're about to experience what no one has ever experienced - the totally immersive, surreal, and beautiful adventure of Myst in realtime 3D. realMyst creates a living, breathing world that will truly become your own - and one you will never forget.

realMyst is the version of Myst that Cyan and the world-famous Miller brothers always wanted to make, but the technology wasn't ready - until now. Experience a fully immersive, dynamic world that you can wander through and interact with.

System Requirements:

• Power Mac G3 300Mhz
• Mac OS 8.6 or later with 64 MB RAM
• Mac OS X 10.1 or later with 128 MB RAM
• 16 MB video card with 3D acceleration capable of 640x480 resolution, 16-bit colour
• 6x CD-ROM
• 300 MB of HDD space



"but the technology wasn't ready"

system reqs - PPc 300 mhz

Thanks for the upload though
uh, it keeps wanting the CD inserted, but when i have the dmg mounted it keeps quitting. Any idea what to do with it?
Hey guys. Whenever I try to mount the disk, it keeps giving me an error, claiming that it may do damage to my system. I'm redownloading the torrent now... anyone else get a bug like this?
I too have tried installing it and cannot get it to work on a newer Intel iMAC with the NVidiaGT120 video card. I've also burned it to a CD and installed from that and it didn't change anything either, I think the torrent is fine but the problem is at my end. I'll seed it anyway but if someone knows how to make it work, I'm listening.
All right, turns out all I had to do was burn it to a CD using Disk Utility :P
Works like a charm, thanks a lot "Anonymous"
ive been having problems opening doors and stuff. anyone else with the same problem? anyone have a solution? the doors wil open, and then shut automatically
I installed the game and applied the update, then mounted the image with Toast. Now it works perfectly in Snow Leopard!
Worked after several reinstalls :) I first installed from the .dmg and then ran the patch.
Working with macbook pro 2.2Ghz, snow leopard 6.3.

For the cd-error, I just mounted the .dmg and the game started perfectly (but not in my native resolution, that gave me just a black screen).

@ keysersoze1618: just keep the mouse button in 'till the door opens or try to stand on a different spot. That helped for me :)

Thanks for the torrent btw!
Having the same problem as sdrennan. I tried creating a new disk image with disk utility and also tried burning it to a CD, but I still get the error "realMYST has quit unexpectedly".

Any ideas?
Ok, finally got it to work. Ugh.

What I ended up doing was burning the disk image to a cd, then deleting the image on my computer. I installed the game from the CD, used disk utility to make an entirely new dmg, applied the patch, mounted the new dmg, and now the game runs.
I'll burn the image to a disk and that's fine, but the hard part gets to be what comes next. What do I do with the patch?
SEED please!

I'm stuck at 54% :(
This is no good
I managed to get this game to work and was really excited to play it until i realized there was no sound! Someone please help!!!!
Under snow leopard 10.6.8.

Tried to mount the downloaded file: error message.
Burned to CD, installed from CD and ran the patch: Only a low quality image/high speed setting with a resolution of 1024x640, with Thousand of colors works. And obviously the image quality's rather crappy with these settings. I tried to mount the folder into .dmg but it does not change anything. Thanks for uploading anyway, any suggestions for making it run with better settings?

"You do not have enough access priviliges for this installation" WHAT?
Guys come on. I'm novice and I figured this out. ;P

You DO NOT need to burn to a disc!!

Just keep the ".dmg" disc image mounted on your Finder. Don't eject. After installing just open the .app from your harddrive and it will run. No burning necessary. Install the patch too.
Great game! I had a great time solving the puzzles and exploring the game, making maps and so onm with my son for almost a year (long time between sessions). Now we're on Riven via RivenX and also bought Riven on the iPad.

On some dual processor machines, like the dual G5 Power Macs, you will have to turn off one processor if you want to play Myst 3D, as there is no specific dual processor support.
Can't get it to work due to the PowerPC error in Mountain Lion running a Core2 Duo. Tried installing through Terminal but no dice. Any tips?
I too had the game lockup on my eMac (ATI Graphics) AND IT HAS 1.0GHZ Processor! It also said the DMG was corrupt and I shouldn't open it!
Can't install because its a PowerPC app...any chance of uploading a newer version that is intel or universal?