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Details for this torrent 

Battlestar Galactica S04E18 HDTV XviD-0TV [eztv]
Video > TV shows
350.6 MiB (367628458 Bytes)
2009-03-07 05:26:23 GMT
eztv VIP

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Great! thanks you rock eztv!
1503 peers in 3 minutes!
thanks a million
eztv, U Da Man! Thanks once again for keeping me up-to-date on my fav shows.
Love you :)
On behalf of those of us in the USA...thank you for uploading this. Cheers to you.
....For Tricia Helfer tickling my knackers and whispering in my ear while I am deep inside Katie Sackhoff -Thanks for the upload (Ronald D Moore better be getting some of that action for all of us geeks)
Thanks in advance. Kudos etc. No really; we appreciate the risk and the service.
THX very much.
I hope the last few hours of Battlestar Galactica does us all proud!
hey ez! you´re the best! many thanks ;)
thanks a lot!
Thanks EZ, much appreciated.
Thanks for the torrent. Been getting my fix from scifi.com, took me awhile to realize they were a week behind in the shows. 2 more left.... heavy dope ahead....
English subs?
Thanks for the up!! Real sad to see this one end, Great show. I was a fan of the first one back when I was in high school...all my friends thought I was a geek. Would be cool to get one of the full size viper's they are auctioning off, put it right on my front yard! Yes, I'm a geek!
Adama Own´s
Many thanks - I do and will buy the DVDs but I just can't wait! It's been a fantastic season! I don't know what people are whinging about.
Thanks a lot :)

Season 3 and partly 4 kinda suck on story to boring compered to season 1 that was the best.
And what is wrong with the damn ppl producing these series why not let others continue them if they dont find it to be bringing in $$$... Same shit was with Firefly/serenity awesome but not the cash machine the investors hoped it be.. Someone should kick their asses lol
thanks ezvt. great torrent.
thanx a lot! does anyone know if part 1 of the final episode has already aired on 13 march or will it air on the 20th ? thanx again